We are excited to announce we are a new corporate sponsor of the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) And The Penn State University (PSU) For 2023!

As a corporate sponsor we will be donating to the largest student-run philanthropy in the world that focuses on raising money to fight childhood cancer at our alma mater.

THON 2023 sponsor logo

We’re proud to support student organizations to make a difference in the community and promote student involvement on campus, especially for an organization that made a difference for our business as PSU graduates.

We have a long line of PSU graduates in our family. Our Aunt Connie McChesney, who founded Educational Services & Consulting (ESC), is a 1980 graduate of PSU, her son Fred graduated in 2005 (and passed away from cancer in 2008) our mother Cindy Hammond Zimmerman graduated in 1982 and Angela Milligan, Co-Owner, Chief Operations Office of ESC, graduated in 2012.

“We couldn’t think of a better place to make an impact on curing childhood cancer than with an organization and University that is ingrained in our family history,” Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Natalie Zimmerman said. “We are so excited to be a part of this year’s THON as a corporate sponsor and member of the Penn State University President’s Club.”

Angela and Natalie at THON

Those unfamiliar with THON, they may be picturing a dance marathon reminiscent of prom scenes in teen movies. However, THON is more than just a single weekend event. Though it culminates with a 46-hour dance marathon. Participants raise money year-round to enhance the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer.

In 2022, THON raised $13.7 million for the Four Diamonds Fund, which covers families’ medical bills at the Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania. More than 700 students participate as dancers and stay on their feet for the entire 46 hours. Dancers receive support from their Dancer Relations committee member (DRCM). These student volunteers are specifically trained to help their dancer get through the full 46 hours.

“Our Aunt Connie’s initial intension in starting ESC was to provide an opportunity where anyone could feel like they had the support, power and resources to obtain an education that provided a pathway to a sustainable career,” Zimmerman said. “We believe this starts with children. Children and their families who have been impacted by childhood cancer deserve a fighting chance and need our support.”

This will be our first year as a corporate sponsor of THON and The Penn State University in memory of our Aunt Connie. We know she would be proud of us for taking this step and we look forward to honoring her legacy in this way for many years to come.

You can learn more about THON at https://escconnected.com/thon/

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