What's Involved When You Take Our Accredited Claims Adjuster Course?

Our 40-hour, affordable, completely online course covers the basics to help you get started on our Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA) designation. Once the course is completed and you pass our final exam you will have earned your designation to apply to the State of Florida for your All Lines Adjuster license. In this new role you will play an important part in helping insured customers determine the amount of any claim, loss or damage potentially payable under their current insurance policy. Claims can range from homeowners to auto to property insurance to commercial liability coverage.

The ACA Course covers six major topics, broken down into modules that you’ll use every day as an ACA.
• Insurance Terms and Concepts – You’ll learn the definitions for insurance terms such as actual cash value, assets, at-fault, cause of loss, dwelling, endorsements and more.
• Auto Insurance – covers damage to vehicles and property in crashes plus injuries to the people involved in the crashes. Plus, you’ll learn more about financial responsibility and damages.
• Property Insurance – We’ll cover the two types of property insurance and the three coverage types, specifically, replacement cost, actual cash value and extended replacement costs.
• Commercial General Liability
• ACA – Ethics, Negotiation & Communication
• Worker’s Compensation

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Once you’ve completed the coursework, you’ll take the final exam, which may be re-taken five times without additional charge unless otherwise notified. When you pass our online exam, you bypass the state exam and can directly apply to obtain your General Lines Adjuster License 6-20.  As an Accredited Claims Adjuster, your role will assist policyholders in expediting their claims and providing a fair value for replacement costs. Fire, storm, and wind damage are all disasters you would be licensed to assess once you earn your ACA license.

Other roles you may fulfill as an Accredited Claims Adjuster include:
•Appraise property values
•Assess rough costs of goods and services
•Analyze legal issues and gather more detailed information
•Gather and calculate data
•Prepare documentation for further investigation

Here are just a few of the investigations you’ll be able to complete after passing our course:
•Wind Damage including hail, fallen Trees and roof replacements.
•Fire Damage to homes, cars and vacation homes.
•Hurricane Damage to roof shingles and tile Damage, storm surge damage, and structural damage.
•Car Accidents from minor fender benders to collisions and t-bone accidents, including those involving property or other vehicles.

accredited claims adjuster reviewing a vehicle accident

In Florida, top accredited claims adjusters, examiners and investigators make nearly $98,550 annually. With catastrophes increasing and an aging workforce growing across the insurance industry, there are 21,000 projected annual job openings for accredited claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators between the years of 2019 and 2029.

Good claims adjusters are patient and professional and treat customers with respect. Our ACA course will provide you with the information so you can better communicate knowledgeably, openly, and professionally about the claims process.

With the recent devastation in the Southwest, Florida area from Hurricane Ian there are several Florida licensed Accredited Claims Adjusters working from that area to help victims affected by that storm. Homes were flattened, cars washed away by storm surge and some properties are barely identifiable now. As an Accredited Claims Adjuster/All Lines Adjuster in this situation you would be able to help many with their variety of claims. Even it means lending an empathetic ear. Getting your ACA designation would certainly help many people in the storm torn area.

Want to help others recover from unexpected losses?
You may want to consider a career as an accredited claims adjuster. In Florida, once you earn your 6-20 accredited claims adjuster designation, you can apply to the state for your all-lines adjuster license. This will enable you to work on home insurance claims, auto and RV insurance claims, and property insurance claims. You would have the flexibility to work as a staff claims adjuster or an independent insurance adjuster

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For more information on how to earn your 6-20 ACA designation, we invite you to call our Clermont, Florida office at 1-800-309-2459 or read more about the accredited claims adjuster certification process on our website.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this post is presented as a potential hypothetical illustration only. Passing our course does not guarantee license approval and Adjuster responsibilities can change at any time. The course is subject to change without notice and should always be taken through our secure portal which can be found at: insurance.digitalchalk.com.

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