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Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR)

Registered Customer Service Representatives (RCSR) are key individuals involved in processing insurance claims.  Their job is to make sure “all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.”  It is the RCSR that makes for a smooth process during the entire insurance claim.

Usually a Registered Customer Service Representative is a salaried employee, and works on the property and casualty side of a claim.  This person concentrates on claims related to automotive, watercraft, home, motorcycle, and pet insurance.

Students taking the Registered Customer Service Representative course will study the following knowledge areas: 

As a Registered Customer Service Representative you may be performing several of the following tasks:

  • Prepare documentation for regulatory compliance, contracts or transactions
  • Data documentation and compiling
  • Review data for recording errors
  • Calculate costs of goods or services
  • Facilitate sales or financial transactions

Many people who are successful as a Registered Customer Service Representative are active listeners, have good reading comprehension and are good speakers when talking to others.   Other skills that a Registered Customer Service Representative typically have include but are not limited to:

  • Listening and understanding what people say
  • Written and Oral Comprehension
  • Speaking clearly
  • Recognizing details up close

Why Choose Educational Services and Consulting?

Once you successfully take our Registered Customer Service Representative course and pass our exam you WILL NOT be required to take the Florida state exam.

Upon successful completion you will have earned your 4-40 Customer Service License in Florida!

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Did You Know?

Top Registered Customer Service Representatives in Florida make on average over $58,000 annually

In the United States, there are over 25,000 annual projected job openings for Registered Customer Service Representatives between 2019 and 2029

32% of Registered Customer Service Representatives have some college, no degree

State exam is waived if you pass our online Registered Customer Service Representative course and pass our online exam

Once you receive your Registered Customer Service Representative designation you are considered a salaried employee 

Pass our Registered Customer Service Representation course and receive your 4-40 Customer Representative License in Florida

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Additional Information:

1. Potential job offerings: This role will allow you to be an employee of the general lines agent or agency to help with customer service.


3. Course costs $289.00 per person

4. 40 hours in course work, completely online

5. Final exam may be re-taken without additional charges

6. Apply through the state to obtain your Registered Customer Service Representative 4-40 License after course completion

7. After 1 year of work experience in a General Lines Agency, you may then sit for the 2-20 General Lines Agent exam

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