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Is Your College Or University Looking To Expand Their Course Offerings?

Maybe your school is looking to attract adults looking to make a career change?

At Educational Services and Consulting we partner with colleges and universities around the U.S. to offer our certification programs. We offer a seamless approach so your students can stay enrolled at your school.  Our Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA) and Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR) classes are virtual.  We work with each school independently and can customize the enrollment to meet your school’s policies.

  1. Benefits of partnering with Educational Services and Consulting:
  2. Expand your course offerings at no additional cost
  3. You will not need to hire faculty to teach our courses
  4. Unique course codes can be designed for registration purposes
  5. Revenue share opportunity
  6. Your school does not pay for the software or the maintenance of the course
  7. Your school does not facilitate the testing
  8. We do all of the paperwork and filing with the State of Florida once your student passes his/her exam
  9. Reach the mature adult looking for a career change who may not have enrolled in your school
We have partnered with several schools and universities over the years and helped their school to expand their course offerings at no additional cost to them. Students who take our Registered Customer Service Representative course and pass our final exam will receive their 4-40 license. They will be qualified to transact home, auto and recreational insurance as well as work in general lines that include property and casualty. Students who successfully complete our Accredited Claims Adjuster course and pass the state exam will be eligible to apply for their All Lines Adjuster 6-20 license. We offer an accredited state exam at the completion of this course. For both of these designations we offer online training so students can learn at their convenience no matter where they are and what their schedule allows. We invite you to contact us today at 1-800-309-2549 for more information on how we can partner with you.

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