What Does It Mean to Work as a Staff Claims adjuster?

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When an individual works as a staff claims adjuster, they are working as an employee of an insurance company. Their job is to investigate a claim whether it be a homeowners claim, auto claim, property claim or commercial claim. A staff claims adjuster represents the insurance company and is assigned to different claims. This type of adjuster communicates with the claimant throughout the claim process.

A staff claims adjuster will review all information pertaining to the claim. They will review the evidence and evaluate costs. If the claim is related to an auto accident or auto mishap where a police report was filed the adjuster will review the police report as well as any photos, videos, repair bills, medical bills, therapy bills and any other receipt or report related to the claim. The adjuster may review all the details with the claimant to fully understand what happened. In the case of auto repair estimates the adjuster will review those, they may even call the body shop or repair center to discuss with the estimator. Depending on the severity of the loss, an outside adjuster may be assigned to personally take photos of the vehicle and review the repair estimate with the service manager.

Based on the research and review of the case the claims adjuster will determine reimbursement to the claimant. The adjuster may determine the claim to be a total loss depending on the value of the vehicle and repair cost to fix. In this case the adjuster will review with the claimant the values and costs and explain next steps. In the event the vehicle is not a total loss, the staff claims adjuster will explain the repair and reimbursement process. Depending on the claimant’s policy, a rental vehicle may or may not be an option. The adjuster will go into more detail on this part.

In the case of a home-owners insurance claim a staff claims adjuster will review photos of the home damage as well as repair estimates. In situations where Mother Nature takes its toll and a home’s roof is damaged or a tree falls through the home or a tornado rips through and pulls off the roof or any other damages of this nature, the staff claims adjuster may assign an outside insurance adjuster to do a home inspection. In this situation, a remote adjuster will visit you and inspect the damage. They will listen to your summary of what happened, they will take photos, measurements and whatever else they may need and submit the information to the staff claims adjuster. Typically, a staff claims adjuster is located at a central office and not usually in the claimant’s geographical area. The outside claims adjuster is experienced with reviewing massive damage and gathering additional information. Once the staff claims adjuster reviews the information submitted by the outside adjuster, they can make a better assessment of the claim and determine reimbursement.

A property insurance claim works similar to a homeowner’s insurance claim. An outside adjuster will be assigned and make a personal visit to the property and review the case. Photos and a report will be given to the staff claims adjuster for review. Based on the evidence collected the staff claims adjuster will determine reimbursement based on the value of the property damaged and the cost for repairs.

When a commercial claim is filed a staff claims adjuster is assigned. Like in any auto or homeowner’s insurance policy, all information, photos and videos will be reviewed. In a commercial claim the claimant may report water damage from a flood, fire damage, theft, wind or storm damage to a building, loss of assets due to power outages and more. The staff claims adjuster may assign an outside adjuster to personally review the loss. Based on the information provided by the outside adjuster, the staff claims adjuster will have the responsibility to determine reimbursement and how much.

As a staff claims adjuster, this person is the true point of contact with the policy holder. During a claim this adjuster is a key person who will keep the claim moving throughout the process and will determine reimbursement and the total outcome of the claim.

What are the benefits to working as a staff claims adjuster?

One of the biggest benefits to working as a staff claims adjuster for a company is the regular and reliable paycheck. If you work as a staff claims adjuster, you would be considered a W-2 employee and have a steady work-flow. In addition to the steady work-flow and paycheck, you would have the opportunity to receive health benefits such as paid time off (PTO), health insurance, and a 401K retirement plan.

Is a staff claims adjuster usually trained before starting with an insurance company?

If you are licensed, and keep up with your continuing education credits, usually you will receive paid training when working as a staff claims adjuster. Insurance agencies want to see their staff succeed so training is a very important part of employee growth.

What types of skillsets does a staff claims adjuster need?

A good candidate for the staff claims adjuster position is somebody who is detail oriented, is organized, can ask questions, has good listening skills, can be empathetic and has a strong desire to help people. Sometimes, a claim does not go in the direction the claimant had hoped. In that case, the staff claims adjuster must be able to have good customer service skills to continue communicating with an irate claimant.

As a staff claims adjuster there is job security. The larger company’s may offer additional perks in their benefits package. If working in this capacity as a staff claims adjuster interests you it may be worth a conversation with us. At Educational Services & Consulting we offer a 40-hour online course for individuals to work in the insurance adjuster role. After passing our online exam, you will receive your Accredited Claims Adjuster designation of which you can then apply to the state for your license. By taking our 40-hour designation course and passing our exam you do not have to take the state exam.

Working as a staff claims adjuster is a great opportunity to work in a secure job with a steady paycheck. For more information on how to earn your accredited claims adjuster designation so you too can work as a staff claims adjuster, we invite you to contact us at 1-800-309-2549. We look forward to helping you!

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