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Educational Services & Consulting offers extensive certification classes for those interested in earning their accredited claims adjuster designation as well as those interested in earning their Registered Customer Service Representative designation.  Both of these courses are online, distant type of learning programs designed to be flexible for the individual looking to make a career change and get started quickly.

Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation

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Our accredited claims adjuster designation course is completely online and offers 40 hours of course work. Once this course is successfully completed, candidates will have the option to apply through the state to obtain their General Lines Adjuster license (6-20) and are EXEMPT from the state exam.

As a licensed claims adjuster, you have the credentials to be an independent adjuster or a company adjuster. An independent adjuster are self-employed adjusters whom insurers hire in certain circumstances. Independent insurance adjusters also work for insurers, except on a freelance or consulting basis. A company adjuster are employees of the insurance company processing claims for their employer.

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Registered Customer Service Representative

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Our accredited registered customer service representative program is a 40-hour online course.  Typically people who take this course and pass the exam are licensed to work in the general lines of insurance better known as property or casualty insurance.  In this designation the individual may transact claims as it pertains to automotive, watercraft, home, motorcycle and pet insurance all while working under the supervision of a licensed and appointed general lines agent.  Click here to learn more about our registered customer service representative license.

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