Celebrating a High School Grad?

Maybe it’s time you hit the books too! You’re never too old to learn. Are you in a dead-end career or are you looking for additional streams of revenue? Maybe funding is what’s keeping you from enrolling in coursework to advance yourself? If this describes you, we invite you to read further.

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As the special grad in your life heads off to further themselves in a program of study you can too! We recently partnered with Polk State College to offer a scholarship designed to provide financial assistance to students who are considering pursuing insurance adjuster education. Through our partnership with the Polk State College Foundation our hope is that through this scholarship opportunity we will provide a pathway for individuals who may not financially be able to grow their career as an insurance adjuster.

To be eligible for our Connie Hammond McChesney Developing Futures Scholarship, you must apply and be admitted as a student at Polk State College. Once admitted you can apply for our scholarship through the Polk State College website: https://foundation.polk.edu/foundation-scholarship-information/. The application period is ongoing and awarded on a rolling basis. To request an application or for more information, contact Dana Michael at 863-669-2892 or via e-mail at: dmichael@polk.edu.

Scholarship dollars are a terrific way to fund your educational goals. The insurance adjusting world is lacking in qualified adjusters. At Educational Services & Consulting we offer a competitive 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster designation that is offered through Polk State College. This course can be found in the school’s course catalogue. Students can enroll in our course through the college’s normal course selection process. Our 6-20 ACA designation is a self-paced 40-hour online course with a final exam. Once students pass our final exam, they can immediately apply to the State of Florida for their All Lines Adjuster license. In addition, students are exempt from taking the State of Florida exam if they pass our exam.

Are students limited to working only in Florida if they receive the Connie Hammond McChesney Developing Futures Scholarship and pass ESC’s 6-20 ACA exam? No! That’s the beauty of our course. The state of Florida has a reciprocity agreement with other states within the U.S. Individuals who obtain their Florida license are eligible to work in 34 of the 37 states across the U.S. that require an adjuster license. This reciprocity opportunity is only available to individuals who have a valid Florida all-lines adjuster license.

What’s not to love about this? Apply for our scholarship, pass our 6-20 ACA designation exam AND be eligible to work in other states outside of Florida! It’s a win-win situation!

What if you prefer the customer service industry as opposed to claims adjusting?

We can help you with that designation too. Not only can Educational Services & Consulting offer you the 6-20 ACA designation, we can also offer the 4-40 Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR) designation, which our scholarship can also go towards. Individuals working as an RCSR are a crucial part in the claims process. These are the folks involved in processing the claims. Their job is to make sure all forms are filled out correctly, there is no missing information from the claim and to ensure the claim is closed out once processed. Typically, an RCSR is a salaried employee and works on the property and casualty side of a claim. Claims they usually handle include auto, watercraft, home, motorcycle, and pet insurance. As with our 6-20 ACA designation course, once you pass our final exam for our 4-40 RCSR course you will not be required to take the Florida state exam. What’s not to love about this?

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Whether you desire to work directly with policy holders on the claim side or you prefer to work on the customer service side, our Connie Hammond McChesney Developing Futures Scholarship can certainly help you. Many people have taken our courses and taken their careers to the next level. Thanks to inflation causing a steep increase in the cost of living, we highly recommend looking at your options for growing your revenue stream. If you choose the route of the 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster designation, there are additional options once you are licensed. You would be eligible to work as a staff claims adjuster or an independent insurance adjuster.

Looking for tips on how to be successful in taking our 6-20 ACA designation course? Click here and read more.  Our course is flexible enough that students can continue to maintain their life balance while still pursuing their career growth.

For more information on our Connie Hammond McChesney Developing Futures Scholarship, visit: https://escconnected.com/connie-hammond-mcchesney-developing-futures-scholarship/ and to read more about our 6-20 ACA designation course, click here. For more on our 4-40 RCSR designation course, click here.

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