What does a typical student look like who earns their ACA designation and works as an ACA?

Many of our students juggle many responsibilities at once. While they participate in the learning modules, study terms and information, complete assignments, and meet deadlines they are also often working a full or part-time job.

We know how important it is to manage all of the time demands and responsibilities our students encounter. Our goal is to help each one of our students succeed in our 6-20 ACA course and their career as an accredited claims adjuster without burning out.

insurance adjuster reviewing car accident damage with claimant

From our research and talking with current and former students, many have said their success stems from the goal of growing their career and income while at the same time helping others become whole again after a loss. Our most successful students fall into one of three categories, and some have characteristics that fall into multiple categories.

Category A: This person may be a mature adult who is looking for a career change. They may have gone to college or a professional school for something else or have years of experience in another field. Some of these students have personal circumstances or career goals that have led them to seek a new career field or area of expertise. Regardless of how they got to where they currently are in their career trajectory, they are looking for a change.

Category B: This student is looking to test out a new career field or may be looking to add an additional income stream. Many of these students work full time and typically they don’t plan to quit their day job but are looking to supplement their current income.

Category C: These students have retired from another career field. Most often this is someone who has retired from the military or service branch. Educational Services and Consulting is proud to partner with different branches of the United States Military. As service men and women transition back into civilian life, finding what to do next can seem daunting. Our courses offer online flexibility that allows for a self-pacing curriculum. Several military personal characteristics translate well into a career as an Accredited Claims Adjuster, including good listening skills, following guidelines, solving problems, attention to detail and more.

If you’ve read this far and are concerned you don’t see yourself represented in our typical student profiles, don’t worry! Just because many of our students fall into these categories does not mean all of our students do. Because our coursework is self-paced and online, you personally will determine your success.

Unlike when preparing for a traditional method of higher education, you don’t need to prepare for additional expenses such as textbooks, room and board, or relocation. Everything you need is included in our coursework and fee.


An accredited claims adjuster working on her laptop.

If you can answer yes to the following, you are likely to be successful in completing our accredited claims adjuster certification process and earning your 6-20 ACA designation.

The question is:
Do you want to help others recover from unexpected events?

If you can honestly answer “yes” then you will succeed in our course. Those who are successful as an ACA typically have compassion for others and can help problem solve in times of stress. As you consider furthering your career you may have additional questions. We have an in depth FAQ section on our website that we invite you to read through. 

For more information on how to earn your 6-20 ACA designation, we invite you to call our Clermont, Florida office at 1-800-309-2459 or read more about the accredited claims adjuster certification process on our website. 

In Florida, once you earn your 6-20 accredited claims adjuster designation, you can apply to the state for your all-lines adjuster license. This will enable you to work on home insurance claims, auto and RV insurance claims and property insurance claims. You would also have the flexibility to work as a staff claims adjuster or an independent insurance adjuster.

We look forward to answering your questions and hope that you will consider getting your 6-20 ACA designation.

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