Are you or somebody you know transitioning from the military to civilian life?

Educational Services and Consulting is proud to partner with different branches of the United States Military. As service men and women transition back into civilian life, finding what to do next can seem daunting. Some look at college options, but college is not the perfect fit for everyone. Finding a new career can be difficult as well, but we have a solution.

As military personnel transition back to civilian life, we invite them to pursue a career as an Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA). Our courses offer online flexibility that allows for a self-pacing curriculum. Even with little to no experience in the field, people starting off can excel upon completion of our course.

There are several military personal characteristics that translate well into a career as an Accredited Claims Adjuster. Having good listening skills, using rules to solve problems, and attention to detail are all needed for a successful career as an ACA. When natural disaster strikes, victims often wait years for their claims to be settled. Your role as an adjuster would be to assess damages, provide a fair value for replacement costs and expedite claims.

As an Accredited Claims Adjuster there are several different types of claims you may cover:

• Fire damage
• Wind damage
• Flood damage
• Appraise property values
• Assess rough costs of goods and services
• Analyze legal issues and gather more detailed information
• Gather and calculate data
• Prepare documentation for further investigation

Some of our most successful Accredited Claims Adjusters residing in Florida make just over $55,000.00 per year, with top earners making upwards of over $84,000.00 annually. Between a military retirement pension and the salary earned working as an ACA, the opportunity for a comfortable lifestyle is quite possible.

Many of our retired military students enjoy the structure of our ACA online course. It is self-paced, however, there is much attention to detail in understanding insurance compliance and policy holder reimbursement criteria and guidelines. Our ACA course has been a huge win for retired military personnel looking to transition into civilian life and start a new career.
While many people opt to go the route of the Accredited Claims Adjuster career, others prefer to work in customer service. At Educational Services and Consulting we also offer an online course to become a Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR).

The RCSR position is typically a salaried role working on the property and casualty side of a claim. As an RCSR, individuals will work on claims related to auto, watercraft, motorcycle, home, and pet insurance. Those leaving the military are also attracted to the Registered Customer Service Representative role because of the need to recognize details, the need for close listening and the skill of written and oral comprehension. There are several other similar qualities that the RCSR role shares with that of a role in the military. Top RSCR’s in Florida make on average $58,000.00 annually. Upon successful completion of our RCSR course, candidates will not be required to take the Florida state exam.

If you are a military service member interested in pursuing either an Accredited Claims Adjuster designation or a Registered Customer Service Representative designation, learn more on our website at or call us at (800) 309-2549.

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