RV Damage, Can the Claim Impact The Tow Vehicle?

SUV towing a recreational vehicle

In an earlier blog we discussed how an Accredited Claims Adjuster can assist with a recreational vehicle (RV) insurance claim. Depending on the nature of the claim your tow vehicle may also have been impacted. If your RV was in an accident while being towed your tow vehicle may also be impacted. If your RV had a tree fall on it, had a water leak, was compromised from hail damage or was impacted by other extreme weather events then your vehicle most likely will not be involved in the RV claim.

In the event that your vehicle was towing your recreational vehicle or was being towed by your RV and you had damage to your RV your vehicle may also have been impacted. In this scenario how would you file the claim? Would you file the RV independently from your vehicle? Who can assist you in understanding the best practice for filing your claim to minimize your cost in repair or replacement expenses?

A 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA) or All-Lines Adjuster can guide you in this case.

motorhome towing a vehicle

How can an ACA/All-Lines Adjuster help?

An Accredited Claims Adjuster is considered an All-Lines Adjuster which makes them qualified to assist with claims ranging from auto, home, property, and commercial policies. When you are assigned an ACA or All-Lines Adjuster, they will be able to review your claim and make best recommendations on how to file and if the claim should be a single submission that includes both the RV and vehicle or whether it should be two separate claims. Having photos of your loss and all documentation including when, where and how the loss occurred will assist the ACA in making recommendations. You will also want to note the date of the loss and what was damaged. Any receipts for repair estimates and/or repair costs can also be included.

The ACA you will be assigned to is well versed in best practices in filing a claim. Their goal is to assist claimants with understanding how to file the claim properly and to expedite the claim process. With the current supply chain issues and the rise in inflation, insurance adjusters realize it can be a strain on a claimant in getting them whole again. The adjusters will typically work quickly with a claimant to resolve the claim and issue reimbursement so the claimant can proceed with repairs or replacement.

If at all during the claim process, a claimant wishes to have an additional evaluation of their claim, he/she can hire an independent insurance adjuster. This person would be an Accredited Claims Adjuster who is also considered an All-Lines Adjuster and works independently of the claimant’s insurance company. The same process would apply where the claimant would need to submit all photos, receipts, documentation of the loss and the independent ACA would evaluate. As an independent claims adjuster this person does not work for a single insurance company but rather is an independent and represents many different insurance companies. Typically, an independent adjuster will work in a specific geographic region for a designated time-period to help process a large volume of claims during times of a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. The independent adjuster is typically mobile and can physically review the damages as opposed to only reviewing photos.

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Does the ACA/All-Lines Adjuster have the claimant’s best interest in mind?

Yes. The ACA works with the claimant and has their best interest in mind to help negotiate a fair claim. They will look at the repair or replacement costs for the recreational vehicle and tow vehicle. If the claim is leaning towards a total loss, then the ACA will review comparable RV’s and/or tow vehicles in the claimant’s geographical area. In our current economic state, the rising costs of RV’s and tow vehicles has grossly affected replacement values. What claimants purchased their units for years ago is probably far less than the value today. If the claimant has a particular policy for example a “stated value policy” then the claimant may not benefit from our current inflation situation. With a stated value policy, the coverage reflects an amount that is stated at the onset of the policy. If a claimant tells their insurance company their RV or tow vehicle is worth a certain dollar amount, the policy will insure for that exact dollar amount, nothing more and nothing less.

In this type of scenario an Accredited Claims Adjuster would help the claimant understand the type of policy they carry and how the claim will pay out.  The Accredited Claims Adjuster is a key person in the claims process. They help the claimant understand how to file a claim, explain the valuation of the claim, and help to move the claim process forward. At Educational Services & Consulting we offer online courses for individuals looking to earn their 6-20 ACA designation. Once individuals pass our online exam, they can apply to the state of Florida for their 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster license. Our 40-hour course is flexible, and registrants can work at their own pace.

For more information on how to enroll in our ACA course visit: https://escconnected.com/accredited-claims-adjuster/ or call our Clermont, Florida office at 1-800-309-2549.

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