ACA – Accredited Claims Adjuster

ACA Designation – Accredited Claims Adjuster Course (Course code: ESC1000)

***Code to use when registering for the course: ESC1000

Accredited Insurance Adjusters are in high demand. Victims of natural disasters like Fire, Flood, and Wind can wait years. Help these people by getting your ACA license.

Accredited Claims Adjusters help people recover their from insured incidents and accidents.

“An ‘independent adjuster’ means a person licensed as an all-lines adjuster who is self-appointed or appointed and employed by an independent adjusting firm or other independent adjuster, and who undertakes on behalf of an insurer to ascertain and determine the amount of any claim, loss, or damage payable under an insurance contract or undertakes to effect settlement of such claim, loss, or damage.”

ACA Course Syllabus, here is an outline of what is covered:

1. Insurance Terms & Concepts

2. Auto Insurance

3. Residential Property

4. Commercial Property

5. Commercial General Liability

6. ACA – Ethics, Negotiation & Communication

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To begin your on-line ACA Course, click the “Register Now” link above to navigate to the course site. At the registration site, to begin your on-line ACA course, use Course Code: ESC1000


Accredited Claims Adjuster ACA Designation Course

  • Potential job offerings: This role will allow you to become an independent adjuster or a company employee adjuster.
  • NO STATE EXAM required
  • Course cost of $289
  • 40 hours of course work – completely online
  • The final exam may be re-taken without additional charge
  • Apply through the state to obtain your General Lines Adjuster License 6-20 after course completion.
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