How can working as an Accredited Claims Adjuster be a great career move?

Are you a mature adult? Maybe you are a retired military or veteran of any branch in the United States Military? Or maybe you have retired from your profession after a long and successful career and now you are looking for your next role?

We have had an influx of new students who are looking to go in a new career direction for the reasons already mentioned as well as those looking for a fresh start and have been frustrated with their current career. Earning your 6-20 accredited claims adjuster (ACA) designation is extremely rewarding in addition to working as a licensed adjuster and helping people to be whole again after a loss.

How can taking the ACA course fit into your current lifestyle and daily schedule?
This is the easy part! Our 40-hour 6-20 ACA designation course is offered all online. Our course is a “work at your own pace” type of program. Individuals can work on the course at 3AM or 3PM or whatever time they choose. It’s an extremely flexible program catered to the mature adult who may have additional responsibilities in life. Students have 60-days from the time they register and pay for the course to complete it. Once a student completes the course, they are required to take our final exam which they will have up to 2 hours to complete.

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Do you struggle with taking tests?

We hear this often but can assure you it’s not a problem if you don’t pass our final exam the first time. We allow up to 5 re-takes for the final exam within a 60-day timeframe. For many, taking a test can be stressful, even nerve wracking so we try and minimize the stress and offer exam retakes at no additional charge.

Once you pass the final exam, what happens next?
When you pass our final exam you can go directly to the State of Florida and apply for your 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster license. We are an approved vendor with the State of Florida which allows our students to skip the Florida state exam if they pass ours. This will save our students both time and money in the long run. Upon passing our final exam we will report your name to the State of Florida to begin the licensure process. After individuals complete our course, we have 21 days to submit their information to the state for processing. Once we submit a student’s record of passing the State of Florida will be in touch with the student. From there the student will keep in communication with the state and follow their directives for completing the licensure process.

Now that you have passed your exam and earned your 6-20 ACA license, what are the options?
There are two different routes your can go. This is one of the added benefits to earning a 6-20 ACA license. Not many careers give options for who you want to directly report to. As a licensed Accredited Claims Adjuster, you have the option to work for a single insurance firm or work independently and work for many insurance firms representing those insured.

Either option can be enjoyable and offer career satisfaction, however if you don’t mind traveling and working within a territory, working as an independent insurance adjuster may be a better option for you. When mother nature calls and there is widespread devastation, independent insurance adjusters flock to those areas affected and lend a hand to those in need. As an independent adjuster you may be reviewing home damage due to tornados, floods, fire, hurricanes other natural disasters that Mother Nature has a hand in. As a staff claims adjuster you would also be reviewing damages from tornados, fire, hurricanes, flooding but possibly not on a massive wide-spread scale. When damage spreads from miles to zip codes and farther typically it’s the independent adjuster that will work remotely from the area of devastation to help people file their claim. As an independent adjuster there is more flexibility in the types of insurance claims you may be handling.

What if I don’t want to travel after earning my 6-20 Accredited Claims Adjuster license?
Working remotely and traveling is not a requirement to work as an ACA. There are plenty of positions available with insurance companies such as State Farm, GEICO, Allstate for those looking to remain in their geographical region and not travel.

What if I don’t have a college degree or any relative experience in the insurance industry? How would I be a good fit for this career?
When taking our 6-20 ACA designation course, we will educate you on the different insurance lines, how insurance works and best practices when evaluating a claim and assigning values. Those who served in the U.S. Military generally do very well with our online class and final exam due to the nature of their training while in service. Our course is very procedural and there are multiple steps one must follow when filing a claim for a customer. Processes, structure, and procedures are throughout our course work which are all very familiar to individuals transitioning from military to civilian life.

For individuals who have not served in our U.S. military our ACA designation program offers opportunities for them as well. Our course flexibility and the option to work for a company that offers support and benefits or work on your own as an independent adjuster has been appealing. Those who have retired and looking for that next career are often interested in our coursework as well.

An added bonus to taking our 6-20 ACA designation course is that once students pass our final exam they can work as an All-Lines Adjuster, either as a staff adjuster or an independent adjuster. An All-Lines Adjuster offers opportunity to help more individuals with a variety of claims as opposed to just working in certain claim categories.

We hope this blog has given more information on why working as an Accredited Claims Adjuster could be a great career move. We don’t require a college degree upon enrollment, nor do we require work experience in the insurance field. Should you have additional questions please feel free to visit our FAQ page on our website

To enroll in our class now visit online at or call our Clermont, Florida office at 1-800-309-2549. We look forward to helping you take your career in a new direction!

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