Keeping Up With Industry Trends…Why we keep our course material updated

As with any certification course material it’s best practice to update the content as time marches on. Not only should the content be updated but the learning visuals (imaging, charts, graphs, etc.) should also be updated if needed.  When reviewing our course material for our Accredited Claims Adjuster designation, not only are we looking at industry trends and changes in procedures in the insurance industry, but we are also looking at the manner in which the course content is laid out. Our goal is to help our students who enter the accredited insurance claims adjuster job market be prepared and up to date on topics important to our industry.

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There are several reasons we keep our coursework in line with what is happening in the industry, but the top reasons are:

1. Relevance: The job market and insurance industry trends are constantly evolving. By updating our accredited insurance claims adjuster course, we ensure our students are learning current information and skills that are relevant to the current job market and insurance industry.

2. Competitiveness: Up-to-date course materials ultimately help our students stay competitive in the job market. By learning the latest technologies, tools and practices, our students are better equipped to succeed in their careers.

3. Engagement: Keeping course materials fresh and relevant means the examples and information are relevant to students. What you learn in our accredited insurance claims adjuster course is relevant and applicable to the real world of insurance and claims adjusting.

4. Career Advancement: Up-to-date courses can help students prepare to change career fields. Our students come from various backgrounds and by proving all of our students with current industry trends and technologies, our students are better positioned to pursue and excel in new opportunities.

5. Professional Development: Keeping our courses up-to-date also helps us stay current in our field and continue our own professional development. Attending conferences post-COVID has been an incredible way for us to reconnect with colleagues, learn from industry experts and keep our connections with the organizations where our students work.

6. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to change is a critical skill in today’s job market. By teaching students about current industry trends, we are helping our students strengthen their abilities to be adaptable and flexible, which in turn, will help them be successful in a constantly evolving job market.

7. Improved Learning Outcomes: We work to consistently provide our students with access to the most current information and resources, which also help us stay current on new information and available resources.

Overall, reviewing our courses for updates is crucial for us and our students and ensures our students receive the education they need to succeed as accredited insurance claims adjusters.

For more information on how to earn your 6-20 ACA designation, we invite you to call our Clermont, Florida office at 1-800-309-2459 or read more about our accredited claims adjuster certification process on our website

In Florida, once you earn your 6-20 accredited claims adjuster designation, you can apply to the state for your all-lines adjuster license. This will enable you to work on home insurance claims, auto and RV insurance claims and property insurance claims. You would have the flexibility to work as a staff claims adjuster or an independent insurance adjuster.

Disclaimer: The course content that has been approved by the FLDFS should not and will not be changed. The updates should be stylistic and improve example relevance only.


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