What Is Required to Receive Your 6-20 All Lines Adjuster License and What Can you Do with This License?

Insurance can be confusing for not only the policy holder but also for those desiring to break into the industry as a career. At Educational Services & Consulting (ESC) we work with individuals looking to have a career as an All-Lines Adjuster. Before an individual can work as an All-Lines Adjuster, they must earn their Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA) Designation.

At ESC we offer the 40-hour online ACA designation course. Our course is entirely online, can be accessed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our designation course concludes with an online final exam. The only requirement for taking our course is that the student has internet access. We care about our students and want to give them the best opportunity possible in earning their ACA designation. Our students can take the final exam up to five times within 60 days of their registration date without any additional fees. 

Once a student receives their ACA designation, they will be exempt from taking a state exam and they can apply through the state for their 6-20 All Lines Adjuster License. Earning their ACA designation is a money saving opportunity. Individuals will save from having to pay the state exam fee which can be upwards of $56.00 plus the time in studying. 

Our designation course covers a variety of material to further equip students with the knowledge needed to be successful. Our course is not limited to these areas but does include the following content:

1) Auto Insurance

2) Commercial Property Insurance

3) Commercial General Liability

4) ACA – Ethics, Negotiation, Communication

5) Insurance Terms and Concepts

6) Residential Property Insurance

Once an individual receives their 6-20 All Lines Adjuster License there are a variety of roles they may fulfill and tasks they may perform. Some of the roles include appraising property values while other tasks by incorporate property value appraisals, assessing the rough costs of goods and services, analyzing legal data, gathering supporting information, preparing documentation for further investigation should cases need escalation.

Obtaining the 6-20 All Lines Adjuster License enables individuals to work in all areas of insurance claims including those related to auto claims, hurricane and catastrophic adjusting, worker’s compensation, property, and liability insurance. Once an individual obtains their 6-20 License, they are eligible to work throughout the United States. 

The scope of work for an All-Lines Adjuster can vary. Individuals may assess damage from tornados, to hurricanes, hail damage, flood damage, damage from fallen trees, automobile crashes and more. Some people will work remotely for periods of time. Once they earn their 6-20 All Lines Adjuster license they will travel for months at a time and be stationed in areas of catastrophic destruction where they will evaluate storm damage and assess residential and commercial property claims. Having an empathetic ear is often a desired trait for individuals interested in working as an All-Lines Adjuster. Cases will include severe catastrophic damage that has the potential to financially ruin homeowners and business owners. While the job is interesting, and adjusters may make many new friends there is a level of patience and empathy one must bring to each conversation.

On average in Florida the annual salary for a 6-20 All Lines Adjuster is just over $55,000.00, or monthly about $4,600.00. Top earners can make upwards of just over $84,000.00 annually, just over $7,000.00 monthly. 

For those looking to make a career change or supplement their current income, earning their 6-20 All Lines Adjuster License is a great option. At Educational Services & Consulting we can help individuals maximize their earning potential and enroll them in our Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation course. For more information on how to enroll, please contact us at 1-800-309-2549.

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